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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stories Behind the Pictures

I was checking some pictures from my FB and mommy's FB account and I encountered the following pictures below that I would like to share together with a short caption/stories behind them. Hopefully I did wrote the correct dates when these pictures were taken.  From time to time I will posting pictures with stories that we missed sharing especially those older ones. 

Inside the Bus going to my first field trip (November 2011)
Noah's fingers were almost cut by the electric fan.
Lesson learned. He did not try to do it again.
He likes the bandage (December 2011)

Noah is loved by his classmates in Pot of Gold Learning

Noah always got a star. Very Good!

Tita Joy always finds time to take us to the mall.
Thank you Tita Joy!

Noah hopes to have this car. Daddy promises soon!

This was during Daddy and Mommy 1st Year Anniversary.
Noah and Trish blew the candle. Happy Anniversary!
March 10, 2011

Noah dancing for Ate Babes Friends  (July 2011)

It's not Halloween yet but
Ate Tonette made me look one.
Just having fun

Daddy's Christmas Gift for Noah. CARS!!!!!

Trish & Mommy with Tita Ruth and Ate Tina visited
Grandpa's (Basco side) grave (November 2010)
This was during the birthday party of one of ate trish
CCP Ballet Classmate/Friend

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