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Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Recap

Year 2011 is not a very good year for us, financially speaking. However, a lot of wonderful things also happened this year. Let me try to list the significant ones:

January 1  – Celebrated our first New Year’s Eve together as a family. Check out pictures here: 

New Year 2011

January 2 – Celebrated Noah’s First Birthday at Science Discovery Center. Check out pictures here: 

Noah's 1st Birthday
January 4 – Visited Manaoag Pilgrimage. Check out pictures here: 

Manaoag Visit

January 6 – Noah had his first hair cut. Check out pictures here: 

Noah's First Haircut

March 10 – Our First Year Anniversary. Unfortunately we did not celebrate it together. I am in Saudi Arabia during this day.

Summer Vacation in Lipa Batangas. Check out pictures here:
Summer Vacation

March 21 – Mommy’s Birthday. She is 32 and still very beautiful

May 22 – Daddy’s Birthday. He is 39. Oh my next year I am going to be 40.

June 4 – Trisha’s First Day in CCP Ballet School. Check out pictures here: 

Trisha First Day CCP Ballet

June 15 – Vacation Time from Saudi. Happy day!

July 2 – Trip to Manila Oceans Park. Check out pictures here: 

Manila Ocean Park Trip

July 7 – Trisha’s 8th Birthday. Check out pictures here: 

Trisha's 8th Birthday

July 9 - As Trisha's post birthday celebration and despedida for Daddy, we went swimming in Josephine Watercamp. Check out pictures here:

Watercamp 2011

July 12 – Daddy goes back to Saudi. Lonely Day!

August 5 – Noah’s first day in school. Check out pictures here: 

Noah's First Day in School

We also celebrated Ate Babe’s 18th Birthday this year. We dressed a bit formal. Look at our pictures here: 

Ate Babes' Debut

This year Papa got seriously ill. He is in constant pain. And this really hurt me very much. We are praying to God to let Papa stay with us longer. We leave it up to the Lord. Check out his 69th birthday celebration. His first celebration with Noah, Trish and Sheila: 

Papalolo's 69th Birthday

Trisha also had her first Ballet Recital in CCP. Daddy was not able to watch but Mommy and Noah was there. 

This is also the first year Daddy is not spending Christmas and New Year with us. Sad.

Trisha and Noah spent our summer vacation in Auntie Carna's House in Lipa Batangas. Next summer (2012) we also plan to spend the summer there.

We made a lot of plans that did not pushed through this year. Hopefully year 2012 will be a better year for us.  

God Bless our Family

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