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Monday, July 17, 2017

Depressing Times

Even with my illness, I have not thought about death more than I did these past few days. You see, three of my Filipino friends here in Saudi Arabia passed away one after another. The first one was 52 years old, next was only 46 years old and the last one was 53 years old.

I read somewhere that thinking about Death can be life affirming. It can inspire us to live deeply and lightly. Once you understand death, you understand how to live.

But when you have cancer and three of your friends dying before you, one after another, it makes me think of death in a depressing way. 

All their deaths are very sudden. You see I am the one who is sick with a dreaded cancer at that. Not to be morbid about it, but I am supposed to be the nearest to the entrance compared to them. This only proves once again that we do not have control of our death. It will come unexpectedly. We are not immortals after all. 

I know I will snap out of this depression like I always do. Soon.

But for now I will let myself get depressed. No worries. I have learned that it is part of the process I have to go through. 


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