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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cycle Two

Start of my Second Cycle Chemo & Radio Therapy last December 17, 2015.

My therapy cycle unusually starts on a Thursday so after a day of therapy I have two days off on friday and saturday. A relief for my kidney with all those chemo tablets and anti side effects tablets. 

On Monday, December 21, I went to the hospital for the Chemo IV style. The nurses had a hard time picking the right vein for the IV so I was needled three times before they finally find a match. I hate needles so imagine how was that for me. 

I have three nurses taking care of me. Two Filipno nurse and an Indian nurse. I have them all by myself that day because I was the only one admitted that day. Most of the other patients came early. I was there as instructed at 3pm. Actually I was already in the hospital 9 in morning. They took some blood for me for testing. Fortunately the results are all good.  But I requested if I can go home because I did not bring my chemo gadgets that is my fully charged phone where my music are. I also have to bring some food and extra clothes in case. 

My chemo IV lasted for about 3 hours, that including my bouts to the CR to pee :-). I slept a little maybe for about 30 minutes while listening to Byahe Collection Songs by Noel Cabangon. Pang relak lang.

I also watched my all time favorite sitcom Friends. I downloaded it in my phone. All 24 episodes of the 2nd Season. Nothing beats a good laugh my old Friends :-) Phoebe never fails to make me laugh. The episode I watched was the one where Ross tried to convince Phoebe about Evolution but it turns the other way with Phoebe succeeding in making Ross doubts his beliefs. Laughtrip. :-)

Of course, I also had a call from my wife but it was not that long because I was really very sleepy. The nurse told me it is one of the medicine they gave me.

The needles pricked in the non matching veins are a bit swollen and some medicine which they put in the IV are a bit painful. But all in all, I was good. And after eating the dinner the nurse gave me (Rice, Beef Mushroom with sauce, Salad, Boiled Veggie and Jello with fruits,

I was off to go back to our accommodation. I called up my very good Indian friend Melvin to pick me up. 

And by the way the  nurses are all talking about the Miss Universe that day. Miss Philippines lost and won at the same time (a couple of minutes apart and in that order)  :-)

The Doctor gave me 4 days (Tuesday to Thursday) sick leave, but I decided to go to office instead. I rather go to office because time passed by faster while I am working. So after my trip to my Radiotherapy, i go straight to work with my big lunch bag (thanks to the sponsor (Manny) of my new lunch bag). Now I can bring a lot of food and drinks to the office.

Before my 2nd cycle, I had an appointment with my Oncologist last December 19 (Saturday). I though because it is a weekend, there will be few patients. But I was wrong. My appointment was 520pm but the doctor saw me at around 7pm. Although that day was therapy off day, I feel tired during those time. The doctor told me that after the therapy treatment, I have to wait for 8 weeks then if there are still find tumor, surgery will follow. But I BELIEVE, there will be no need for surgery. The tumor and cancer will be gone by that time. I BELIEVE.

I may also try to squeeze in my delayed vacation during those 8 weeks off. Hopefully the radiation in my body had subsided and the doctors will allow me to have my vacation.

Especially these three

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